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Rattle Snake Ratchet hubs:

We have recently upgraded our ratchet hub line to increase performance and strength. Also The freewheel friction is greatly reduced. 

The three current offerings in the Rattle Snake hub line up include the same internal ratchet mechanism. The difference has to do with what type of axle you wish to run.

Series One:  This hub is our lightest in within the Rattle Snake lineup. The inner hub has the keyway integrated into the hub. This works great but is limited to axles that have  the axle keyway that runs all the way to the end of the axle. Otherwise the hub can't be installed.

** 1-1/4 Diameter axles with keyway running to end of axle.


Series Two: The Series two hub is our most popular as it can be used on a wide range of axle types. Titanium axles will need a shallower key, specify when ordering.

1-1/4 Dia. axles - Not keyway type dependent. 


Series Three: The series Three hub is designed for our customer that are running a 1-1/4 dia. 19-tooth splined axle. The inner hub features an integrated full engagement spline 360 deg. that runs the length of the hub. 

1-1/4 splined axle